Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Zombie Alphabet

A is for Appetite awoken by death
B is for Bat swung to save your last breath
C is for Corpse clawing at your back door
D is for Duct Tape used to even the score
E is for Electricity lost to discord
F is for Family hidden far from the horde
G is for Grave that lost its tight grip
H is for Headshot fired hot from the hip
I is for infection that spreads like the wind
J is for Jail keeps them out but you it keeps in
K is for Kindness not lost in the fray
L is for Lure drawing zombies away
M is for Military down but not out
N is for Nails hammered to keep dead things out
O is for Outbreaks spreading too fast to cope
P is for Preppers still stocked-up on hope
Q is for Quiver emptied in vain
R is for Rest to try to stay sane
S is for Salvation just out of your reach
T is for The Turned crawling up on the beach
U is for Underground forced to flee to in despair
V is for Victim who was caught unaware
W is for Walkers whose origins are unclear
X is for X-Mas has been cancelled this year
Y is for You choosing not fear, but to act
Z is for Zombie once fiction now fact

This work is available as a 12 x 16 poster on Etsy. The perfect gift for young children just learning to read! Here's the link = Etsy 

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