Sunday, May 26, 2019

A Definition of the Martial Arts

Sometimes you have to put an idea, cold and naked, before the judging glare of the public so it can stand or fall on its merits. So here it goes.

My definition of the Martial Arts.

A martial art is a school of philosophy expressed through motion.

Mull that over. Turn it inside out and outside in. I wonder sometimes if it is too simple or not simple enough or too obvious! Yet, I think it correct. I keep wanting to expand it and explain what I mean, but that's he whole point, isn't it? I want to know if my idea as expressed reflects an aspect of reality, and therefore is useful. I want to know if the white belt of tomorrow can use this idea, this framework, to enhance their training and life by knowing to ask the proper WHY questions.

What say you? What says your own experience?

Please let me know.

Your author (WAY back in the day) doing some knuckle push-ups. It was one of those moments where you're having great fun while simultaneously questioning your life decisions.