Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Circle of Internet Life

I made this meme about five months ago from a pic I snapped on the way home. In true internet FULL CIRCLE form, my spouse just saw it on someone's FB wall. It returned home! It made me chuckle after a very long day. It's not Earth shattering of course, and it's not like I will get paid for it, but it was still nice. Sometimes it is the little things that keep the day moving, you know? Yeah, you know what I mean.

Fight the power! Unless they are fixing the damned pot holes.
Be seeing you,


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cooking with Vsauce

If you've read even a passing number of my blogs (which of course you should) it is not hard to discover that I enjoy sharing knowledge. The video above is a recent post by Youtuber Micheal Stevens, better known as Vsauce, which I am sharing because he is one of the sources I go to for knowledge.

Michael tackles science, philosophy, technology, enigmas, and a wide range of other intellectual subjects in a way that is fun (shocking!), interesting (gasp!), and leaves you wanting more (utterly crazy!).

I encourage you to watch his videos and perhaps even subscribe to his Youtube channel.  Discover for yourself why 10.5 million people have already subscribed and why he has garnered over a billion views.

It is a wonderfully amazing world out there, my friends, and you are part of it.

Go explore!

Be seeing you,


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Spock Thoughts

A most pleasing rendition of Max Ehrmann's 1927 poem "Desiderata". Latin for 'desired things', it was popularized in 1968 by Leonard Nimoy on his "Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy" album titled "Spock Thoughts". My thanks to the maker of this video. There are many different versions posted online by many different people. I encourage you to find the one which speaks to you.

Enjoy and be safe, my friends.

Live Long and Prosper.