Saturday, April 30, 2016


My thanks to the History Channel for reminding me of a short but immensely important point I've been wanting to make. You see, April 29, 1945 was the day The U.S. Army liberated the first concentration camp established by the Nazi regime.

For more information visit on this date please visit The History Seriously, you need to know this stuff. You (and I) need to know lots more stuff.

Back to my point. The next time you want to call someone you don't like a 'Nazi', please remember the real meaning of that word and don't. Call them an asshole or douche hat or a hundred other more accurate, more descriptive words. Become a Poet of Vulgarities if you must, but please avoid the words with human blood on them. 'Nazi' is thrown around so often and easily in our society (especially in politics) that I fear we are watering down the true horror and history of its meaning.

Words have meaning. They have a definition and a history. They influence your thoughts and your ideas. Treat them accordingly.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Of what weight is a piece of infinity?

It occurred to me recently to question how long it would take to relay or teach just the last one hundred years of history. Obviously, the amount of detail in the telling would be the driving force, so if I set the Detail Dial to everything that has happened in the last one hundred years, then the first glance answer is one hundred years. Like re-watching a movie, right? Hit rewind and play. A century long Netflix and chill evening. Sorry, but no. 

The answer is actually forever. It would take until the End of Time to relay everything that has happened in just the last one hundred years. 

First, you must recount the daily life of every human living within that time frame. The estimated human population in 1950 alone was 2,516,000,000 according to my in-depth three second Google search. We’re pushing 7,400,000,000 now, minimum. So, take every human on the planet from January 1st, 1916 to January 1st, 2016 and start recounting his or hers every thought and deed. When you’re done that, then you can start recounting the actions of the trillions and trillions of non-humans roaming the planet. Animal life, microbial life, plant life and all the little buggers that don’t want to fit into any category. From Kingdom to Species up and down the chart. And then, once you’re done that, you can start on all the inorganic matter in constant flux. Start with water, then perhaps move to, oh, the movement of the continents. Then head to the moon and the planets and the rest of the Universe when you get done counting water molecules. Here’s where I hope you’re recognizing The Infinite Within The Finite paradox and how YOU are part of it. So, before you read any more of this piece, sit back and enjoy your multilayered slice of infinity. Think about the infinite aspect of existence and what it means to your very finite time as a living human. 

The above is part of how I view existence, and part of why I find the study of history worthy of my time. When you have an infinite well to draw from, you never fear losing the “Oh wow!” or “Why didn’t I know that!” moments. Those wonderful instants when the thrill of discovery makes you remember the world is really an amazing place that shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

Therefore, moving forward I’m going to make a concentrated effort to share stories of our fellow humans (my apologies if you are not human) who favored me with an “Oh wow!” moment. Please don’t assume you’ll find the usual suspects of culture shaking creators, politicians, or explorers. Some may take the stage from time to time in forms you may not expect, but I’m generally more interested in the people who don’t make the history books. People who, in hindsight, changed the world in some way by simply living their lives. 

Who knows? Maybe the future will look back and discover you are one of those people.  

Mind=Blown. My thanks to the creator of this meme, whomever you are.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Farewell, Prince

Sleep well, Prince. Thank you for all the time, hard work, love, and enjoyment you poured into your music. Sign 'O' The Times has always been my favorite album of yours so I hope others will enjoy this tale of a young girl who walked to the beat of her own drum.

Time and life is short, my friends. Make both WORTH SOMETHING.