Saturday, April 30, 2016


My thanks to the History Channel for reminding me of a short but immensely important point I've been wanting to make. You see, April 29, 1945 was the day The U.S. Army liberated the first concentration camp established by the Nazi regime.

For more information visit on this date please visit The History Seriously, you need to know this stuff. You (and I) need to know lots more stuff.

Back to my point. The next time you want to call someone you don't like a 'Nazi', please remember the real meaning of that word and don't. Call them an asshole or douche hat or a hundred other more accurate, more descriptive words. Become a Poet of Vulgarities if you must, but please avoid the words with human blood on them. 'Nazi' is thrown around so often and easily in our society (especially in politics) that I fear we are watering down the true horror and history of its meaning.

Words have meaning. They have a definition and a history. They influence your thoughts and your ideas. Treat them accordingly.

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