Monday, September 22, 2014

The Last One to One Hundred!

The two things I've loved since I could hold a pencil have been comics and graphic design. The idea for One to One Hundred was simple, combine design with numbers to create a unique, artistic poster. The result was far from simple and I continued with poster after poster. Each one focusing on a different design element. Shapes, Circles, Lines, Overlaps, Triangles and more!

After 4 years, 10 posters and 1000 different designs I've finally finished the series. I'd really love it if you could take 30 seconds to watch the intro to my Kickstarter video about the culmination of this project. I'm hoping you'll be impressed with the amount of time and effort that have gone into it (most of the posters have taken well over 100 hours to complete and a few are nearly 200).

Thanks for your support!
 -Mark (the far more silent half of Strongarm Labs)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Thank You



Yes, you!

Thank you for taking the time to read my words and share them with your family and friends. I find value in what I write and the subjects I choose, but that doesn’t mean I assume they hold value for others. So, when my blog stats show readers are stopping in from circles far beyond those of my friends and associates, I am stunned and more than a little curious as to what people in distant lands make of my ideas. What does a reader in Iran take away from the iVon Daniken post that a reader in China might not or visa-versa? Do Star Wars fans in Italy and Russia find the same humor in Sand Jerks - Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate Tusken Raiders. What do readers in Germany or Romania make of my short stories like The Death of Joe Average or Knight’s Rider? These are all questions I hope to one day have the answers to.

Until then, to the local folks I know and love and the folks far away I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting:

Thank you! Спасибо! Danke! Takk! Tack!

Teşekkür ederim! Dziękujemy! תודה!

Vă mulțumim! Grazie! 谢谢!Gracias! شكرا!

Dank je wel! Merci! ありがとうございます!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The NAKED truth about internet privacy.

Privacy concerns in the (NUDE) internet age are making the (TOPLESS) news rounds again as Jennifer Lawrence (NUDE) and Kate (NAKED) Upton fell victim to a hacker who posted private (LEAKED NUDE) images online. Computers sit on our tables and smart phones rest in our (HACKED NAKED PHOTOS) pockets seemingly alone and isolated, but they are really bright islands (NUDES POSTED ONLINE) on a vast ocean that sometimes attract pirates. Our (STOLEN PHOTOS) devices are anchored to the Web via pathways moving in BOTH directions. Perhaps this latest (FEMALE CELEBRITIES EXPOSED) breech will teach us that privacy is not private when data is involved so we must treat (NAKED PHOTOGRAPHS) it as such, but likely not. We still haven’t got it into our (NUDE PICS) head that computers separated by continents functionally share the exact same space. There is no here or there in cyberspace. I think that is the lesson here, but I can’t help think the media (NUDE PHOTOS LEAKED ONLINE) headlines are trying to get me to think (NUDE) and search (NUDE) about something else.

All (WORDS) used were lifted from REAL HEADLINES on multiple NEWS sites. UNFORTUNATELY.