Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Teeny Tiny Monster Who was Almost Too Small (with audio)

Enjoy this bit of Dr. Seuss meets H.P. Lovecraft as we slide into the Halloween season. I suggest reading the piece before listening to how I imagined it so your own interpretation has a chance to exist for comparison sake, but you be you.

Let's begin.

They flapped and they twitched and they crawled and they shambled,
They slithered and they dug and they ran and they scrambled.

Out of basements and pits and from under small beds,
Out of tombs and of caves and from out troubled heads.

It was called The Tide of All Horrors in the days before writing,
A monster army marching fast under moon’s pallid lighting.

The chattering horde traveled as one to gather at Court,
Their Lord had called to them a command no power could thwart.

A time of accounting had once more come again,
The Throne wished to behold Its kingdom without end.

“Tell me of the world, and of Man, and the things Man cannot see.
Tell me of your frights, your gifts, and of the horrors to be.”

To their Caesar each gave a piece to the puzzle of His land,
All spoke in a manner that only He could understand.

The final ghoul had gibbered when their Lord suddenly roared,
“There is one who has not yet come forward from the depths of my horde!”

Walls thick as suffering flinched from the anger in his word,
Once proud legions cowered low turning horde into herd.

…the silent fear of millions pleased That Which Sits Upon the Blood Throne…

“I obey, oh Terrible Sovereign who sits above all!”
“Please spare me your rage for I was merely crossing your Hall.”

Arachnids to zombies searched for the source of the sound,
All hunted upwards and sideways and then toward the ground.

Under gorgons, around hooves, and through fungus covered wings,
Moved a piece of a wisp of a sliver of a thing.

The King looked down upon this new denizen of night,
“Tell us, small terror, of your gifts and of your might.”

“I have none, oh Bloody Lord, as you know quite well.
My name will never be carved with the Honored of Hell.”

“So slight that I am, I fall far from any sight.
I have not great jaws for the flesh to bite.”

“The doors of homes, I cannot rend.
The wills of minds, I cannot bend.”

“Faith in Heaven I cannot uproot.
This monstrous existence I do not suit!”

Their mighty Lord howled at the small one’s word,
Lo! To His anger, His laughter was worse to be heard!

“You moved unseen by predators built for night.
You moved unheard by lurkers who stalk without sight

“Your words betray a fast and nimble mind.
So why have you left your gifts unrefined?”

“I, whose name means death to Angel and Elder God,
Want to know why you treat your existence as a fraud.”

The Great Rending Thing’s glare bore down upon the speck,
A weight like dirt and stone and darkness fell hard upon its neck.

“I… I… listen and obey, my Wise and Noble King.
Find bounty in bane for my true self to bring.”

The Little Thing waited. It did not move. No Thing moved.

…the fear of the Little Thing pleased That Which Sits Upon the Blood Throne…

The chattering horde traveled as one to scatter from Court,
Their Lord dispelled them with a command no power could thwart.

Alone, It settled into dream realms of terror after its little talk,
Moving easily as only the ruler of Cain’s children can walk.

It will sleep and plan and plot for centuries or more,
But Lo! What is that silent wisp creeping under its closed door?

“Your words were true but only to build a better beast to whip.
Sowing seeds is dangerous, my Lord, as your aim may err and slip.”

“So sleep, oh precious Lord, in your far and airy places.
Grow I shall before pushing sharp knives into your soft places.”

It was teeny and tiny as a monster could be,
But It never NEVER forgot that a MONSTER it be.

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