Friday, September 8, 2017

Hello Kitty and the Vermont Comic Con

First this.

Then this.

Then these were picked.

Some of this happened.

But not before a bit of this.

Then this happened.

Which of course lead to this.

So this could happen.

And thus naturally followed.

The inevitable glittering Hello Kitty shield debuting at the VT Comic Con!

Ed Yancey, artist and model extraordinaire. 

Which made Hawkeye really mad.

Despite her fondness for one of my DIY Captain America shields at last year's VT Con!

Cosplayer and Nice Human, Kelly Green.

Thankfully I also made.

So that people at the Con could stuff like do this!

Because that's what a Blackboard Shield is made for.


In the near future I'll post a DIY vid for the Hello Kitty shield to go along with my DIY vid for the Captain America Shield, as found here --->

More to come, but all for now. Take care, gentle reader!

Be seeing you,



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