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Awake at a Wake  - in which four people sharing a long history find themselves in a funeral parlor - 
The Wedding Piece (Southern Gothic for Tracey and Alex)
They are at the window again  (It's a love story. With zombies.)
The Death of Joe Average  (What happens when the deathtrap works?)

-Read this first-   
A most delightful...dump. 

Potatoes are what we eat. Potatoes are what we ride


"The Second Going" by Yeets  

Maggot's Work - A poem. A story. A life.  
A Definition of the Martial Arts
Two Collections and One Novel - Now Available on Amazon 
Speak Loudly, Do The Ghosts We Carry  
This Thanksgiving I am Thankful for YOU 
Goodbye, Stan. EXCELSIOR!  
The Stranglers meet the Mystery Men  
Dear Dear.  A trail cam vid and 150th post!      video
A Rocket, A Tesla, and Some Horse Poop Walk Into a Bar   
How Creativity Works   
'He said, She said' aka 'Coyote Argument, Mostly Chemical'   video
Something to Chew On About Zombies and the Living  
Hello Kitty and the Vermont Comic Con 
Wise Words, Parallel Worlds 
Happy Fourth of July (with a few well deserved shout-outs) 
Of Life and Gratitude (not my usual kind of post)
I Am the Terror That Croaks in The Night
Predatory Remains of the Calcium Kind
My Everyday On This Planet 
Welcome to Night Vale, the All Hail tour 2017  
Happy New Year 2017, Humanity!
We Want Your Business
Baby It's Cold Outside: Revisionism, Clickbait, and Bullshit. Any Questions?
Did You Hear That?


Digging for an Oak Island interview  (Attempted)
Robert Clotworthy: You Know His Voice 
The 12,500 yr old Interview. Kind of…    (Graham Hancock attempted)
So this guy on the Great Space Coaster walks up to me at a con…  
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Here’s to hope! (Tsoukalos attempted)
Strongarm Interview 3: Dr. Steel 
Strongarm Interview #2 Smeff 
Strongarm Interview: John "Widgett" Robinson


Trying to bring Kung Fu movie sound effects into the real world video  
Doctor Strange 2 to be MCU's first horror film. Sweet. 
Funko's Alien 40th Anniversary Breakfast Cereal
Star Trek TOS Set Tour: Set Phasers to IMPRESSIVE!
SCP-4082 "Real Heavy" (A SCP submission. REJECTED)
Farewell Steve Ditko, Harlan Ellison, and Cinamon Hadley
Cinemassacre interviews Joe Bob Briggs. A post for fellow B-movie fans.
Skyrim on Alexa: The joke that FUS RO DAH'd into reality 
How I Built My Floating Deck on Uneven Ground    video 
The Nightmare Before Christmas on Broadway?   video
Proof of Time Travel. YOU CAN RELAX NOW! 
Touch My Anchor and I'll F*#% You Up! 
Slowing It Down   video
Where is your center?  video
My Captain America Shield is done!   video
The Circle of Internet Life
Cooking With Vsauce
Geek Moms and Geek Dads  
Hail! Our new Alien rulers!  
WALL-E you look at that! 
TAKE MY MONEY. LEGO® Scooby-Doo Sets and...YOURS?!


The Unnoticed Symbolism in Our Calendar's Year End Arc.

A brief thought on yet another ending cycle.

We of the Gregorian calendar fandom in the U.S. are wrapping up the last, and most important, of the year’s arcs.  It starts, as all things do, with death. Halloween is a celebration of the Past draped in a white sheet with two holes for eyes. The ghosts, ghouls and preternatural fixings are players acting as a signpost guiding us in a single direction: that which came before. In other words, it’s a holiday for resurrecting our individual and collective memories.

As the shadows of night fade into the East of morning, so too can our sight of the Past and of its lessons. Take notes. The Past is wasted upon ghosts, yet it springs to life in our service when carried into the Present. Arms now full, we rest briefly upon the crossroads of Thanksgiving. Here we celebrate the offspring of Knowledge (past) and Effort (present): The Harvest. And celebrate we should, as sometimes the Cornucopia yields only bitter lessons to fill our aching stomachs. But don’t lose hope. Those years that come to us all. Remember: lessons put our individual or collective memory blossom into the gift of new Knowledge. A wonderful feast, indeed.

Speaking of gifts, here comes Christmas faster than a speeding planogram. Jests aside, Christmas is a celebration of altruism, made possible after we Harvest environments stable enough to allow us non-survival seconds in which to ponder non-self depths. We’re encouraged to be better humans, and ponder what the world could be, might be if that pursuit, no matter how small, was the year-round norm. And that, kids, is the true meaning of Christmas: it is all about the future. Gifts are carried into the future. Acts of kindness are carried into the future. A warm greeting is carried into the future. Goodwill is carried into the future. Our own journey is a path only ever found under steps yet to fall.    

Past, Present, and Future arcing just in time to turn the page to whatever cute chicken or posed pile of puppies adorns a fresh calendar’s January. Muscle, Mind, and Vision symbolically prompted into resolutions as a starting gun is about to fire. Coincidence? Jung may have a thought or two on that while burping Baby New Year. Holidays, stories, and myths are old, remember. Terribly old. Yet, here they are, like gravity’s anchor, and they will continue to both cause and play in our mental tidepools. They exist for practical reasons, after all. It’s been said stories and myths are the mind exploring the world. I like that. I really dig the follow up: stories and myths are the mind exploring itself. Creator and Creation dressed as the other for the local Chicken and Egg Convention. They are us, after all.

Let’s wrap this up, gentle reader. ‘Brief’ was my second word.

Know your Past. Act upon your Present. Be a gift to your Future. It’s right here in the manual, unless I am missing something.

Be well. Happy New Year.


Wednesday, November 1, 2023

That one time The Golden Girls fought H.P. Lovecraft.

Fan fiction idea. Crossover. The Golden Girls head to Innsmouth, MA after learning that Rose’s childhood friend, Jessica Fletcher, went missing while investigating a series of odd murders. 


There they discover mayhem, murder, and eldritch horrors while Dorothy reconnects with an old flame who may know more about the missing Jessica than he lets on. Finally, the plucky friends locate the kidnapped Jessica who is minutes away from becoming the latest sacrifice to the Deep Ones who lurk below the waves. 


Outnumbered and quickly succumbing to the dark magic of the town, the group appears doomed until a sleek black car smashes through the old church wall. Adorned with a single red light sliding back and forth like a demon’s eye searching for souls, the vehicle plows through the cultists. 



Coming to a screeching stop in front of the shocked crowd, out steps Micheal Knight. In rush the police, Sophia rushes to Michael, and the day and world are saved.

Somewhere in the multiverse this was a made for television special, and it was glorious.