Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My Everyday On This Planet.

My apologies if the 15th century Germanic generic term for 'repetitive movement' originally used in reference to farming (in which one plants seeds) offends. I have no control over the evolution of human symbolism. I do, however stand by it's usage in this meme as it captures the sentiment in my mind perfectly. If you are of a gentle demeanor and simply cannot stomach the energy which only primal vulgarities can carry then I offer this as a pale substitute:
What the hell is going? What the hell just happened?

Not really the same, is it? I like the original. It is raw. It is real. Now, I don't talk like this in my daily life but I do THINK like this at times. I like words which carry meaning and vitality because that's what words are supposed to do! They are our means of sharing the Life Experience, and there isn't anything more raw or real than that. Art and poetry can express the same feeling but only in hindsight. The heat of the moment demands the use of the tools in hand. So, when life takes us by surprise we fight back with F-bombs. See the relationship? And it is nothing new at all. Even the Ancient Egyptians had different forms of writing/scripts, for different situations. They had Hieroglyphs for important circumstances or people, and Demotic for the common people and common daily life. 

So what's the point? Nothing at all! I'm baffled and befuddled today. I am having a confusing day worth throwing words at and sharing with the rest of the village. I'm having a classical human day, which is in fact, the only kind of day any of us can have no matter that form it takes.

Be well. Be seeing you,


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