Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Total Eclipse (of the heart) 2017


The Science Channel is broadcasting the 8/21 solar eclipse live, which is fun. Home Depot sells glasses designed to view the eclipse, as I am sure many other places do. Just FYI.

Click on the image for NASA's official eclipse site for lots of cool information of the science kind. 


I know what you're thinking: 
Those moon landing faking, flat earth denying bastards! This is probably fake, too!

But, if that were true then how could there be apps available to track the eclipse on your smartphone of choice? By law you cannot produce an app if it is not 100% correct, honest, or pure.
Right. That is very true!

So pull yourself away from the mundane on 8/21 -and with proper eye protection- view an event that cultures around the world for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years have deemed a dire omen of troubles to come. 



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