Saturday, January 6, 2018

The US Government's UFO interest just got weirder

A UFO as seen through the infrared filter of a Navy fighter's camera in 2004. Image (c) the Department of Defense.

In December of 2017 the US Department of Defense let it be known -for reasons that remain unclear-that they never really got out of the UFO business after Project Blue Book closed. Not a big shock there, really. Researchers both fringe and mainstream have held hands on that fact for decades. In fact, any Department of Defense worth its salt would be in the UFO investigation game. Remember, the 'U' stands for Unidentified and not 'alien' or 'extraterrestrial'. Those words are the polar opposite of 'Unidentified'. So, wanting to know what is in our airspace and why we cannot identify some of the Objects Flying in our airspace is a valid and logical task, if you grok me.

Fox knows my name! (I swear I did not make this.)

Moving beyond that boundary the map reads in bold print, "Here Be Monsters. Maybe. Depends on who you talk to. Trust No One."

And yet, with the above revelation many find themselves drifting past the aforementioned boundary as it came with the FIRST video of a UFO chase formally released by our government. That's quite the policy switch. To push us even further into murky waters was the implication of "recovered" metal alloys of "unknown" origin or type that did not seem to originate from any country. That's what the former head of the disclosed UFO project from 2007 to 2012, Luis Elizondo, said in a recent interview. No. Joke. The name of the project, which still exists today, is the delightful Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Just saying the words out loud make me want to binge on sci-fi films. So, what is all this? An admission of knowledge of Current Year aliens vs Ancient ones? Or did we just learn that Sen. Harry "tourists smell" Reid handed a close friend of his millions of our tax dollars to handle the supposed ‘artifacts’. That's a whole other aspect that knocks some of the mystery out of its sails. Some articles mentioned that two other politicians also supported funding the project, but in a twist straight from Hollywood those two are dead now so good luck getting their statements.


I don't want to give you my own summary of the known facts and their ramifications quite yet. I'm still trying to learn who exactly did what and where, and no doubt the public is only being fed carefully measured, lovin' spoonfuls of details. This could be huge. This could be a waste of time. This could be nothing more than a cover for a dark well where tax dollars are poured into far away from prying eyes. It could be a cover story for some other program. It could be a Psy Op (Psychological Operation) to see how people react or to ensure odd items in the sky are thought of as anything but advanced military prototypes. It could be forgotten about like the Harlem Shake, never to be heard of again outside of the fringe research community. Who knows! Therefore, let me provide you an array of links across the spectrum of reactions and beliefs. You decide for yourself what this means or if it means anything at all.

And did I mention Blink 182 is part of all this? There's a reason "weirder" is in my title.






YouTube channel Bright Insight. I like Jimmy's channel.

An interview with Luis Elizondo

An interview with the Navy pilot Cmdr. David Fravor.

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