Monday, March 25, 2019

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Tempus Fugit

Indulge me, gentle reader, in a field experiment. 

Hypothesis: Holding onto story ideas/fragments and/or word combinations in the hopes of one day using them slows the production of new ideas/fragments and/or words combinations.

Test: Empty my existing stock of the above material by making it available on a public forum, i.e. this blog, over the span of two months. If I decide to use some of the material, then that material will be removed from the forum. (If someone else makes use of some of the material for their own use, and the end product is made public, all I ask is a note letting me know so that I can see it, too.) Testing duration is one year from the end of the two-month "posting" time frame. Posting will begin on 4/1/19.

Prediction: By screening and emptying several notebooks of material I will increase my production speed, as well as fill new notebooks with new material faster. I also predict most people will let me know if they found use for any materials. 

That's all. Pretty simple, right?

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