Tuesday, March 22, 2016

GIMME A RED! (Jssica Jones reaction blog)

"I sense I'm being watched."

I just watched Marvel's Jessica Jones AKA 1000 Cuts and holy blood bath, Batman (vs. Superman I fear isn't going to be anywhere near as good as this but I still hold hope it will try). Just wow. Well done! to the writers, cast, and crew of the series. The series has been very good. I recommend it highly!

My one complaint? If another Marvel series on Netflix starts with the hero trying to prove a woman innocent of murder I may have to drag out my tinfoil hat and cry CONSPIRACY!

I try very hard to avoid spoilers when I catch up on shows. Afterward I jump into the minutia with an abandon matched only in the Abbey of  Theleme.

Told you I was totally geeking right now. Yes, I actually read the source material by Rabelais. So there!

So imagine my surprise when the character Will Simpson (played by Will Traval) is given Red, White, and Blue pills by the mysterious Dr. Kozlov after having a bomb go off in his face.


Yes, I know the interwebs are full of sites explaining each character but having avoided them I was dumbstruck by what appears to be a reference to, or intro of, the Marvel character Nuke from Daredevil #232, which you see in my gentle hand in the photo above. Then in the episode I watched tonight he takes out his lighter and it has the markings we see on Nuke's face in the comics. In brief,  he was a damaged product of a modern super soldier program. I don't want to say more in case someone reading this hasn't seen the show yet.

I have a few more episodes to go so I'm trying hard to keep my speculations in check, like when Trish pickpockets the bottle of Reds and she has that flash of consideration about what it might do for her own heroic aspirations.

I know I could be wrong. That's part of the fun, right? It's fun to think Will's character could be a catalyst for the Hell's Kitchen heroes coming together. Time will tell and perhaps it already has. I'll hopefull find out in the next few episodes.


No spoilers!

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