Friday, June 30, 2017

Of Life and Gratitude (not my usual type of post)

This bird died near the entrance of a grocery store I frequent. The proximity of death to abundance is a multilayered koan.

I bitch about work and stress.
I never bitch about being hungry.

I bitch about television and movies.
I never bitch about being unsafe.

I bitch about commuting and chores.
I never bitch about finding a place to sleep.

I bitch about replacing my computer.
I never bitch about my family living in poverty.

I bitch about common Western problems knowing how lucky I am to have them. I don’t feel guilt over the fortune of my birthplace, to be clear, nor do I understand people who do. I didn’t pick it, nor did I push some other soul out of the line to the best of my metaphysical knowledge. What I am is deeply, deeply grateful. The unlikeliness of my circumstances given the scope of human history does not elude me. I am equally grateful that I was raised to try to make quality decisions. I am grateful the mistakes I made of my own volition did not ruin my life. I am grateful I learned from them. Living in the West in and of itself guarantees nothing, lest we forget. Finally, I am grateful for those who planted the concept within me that (hopefully) one day most humans will only have my kind of problems. They give me hope. 

Be safe. Be well. Prosper.

Thank you.



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