Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy Fourth of July (with a few much deserved shout-outs)

Let your mind be your shield
 Happy July 4th everyone. To the descendants of the British soldiers, no hard feelings. To the descendants of the French soldiers and the French politicians who loaned us money, many thanks. To the Native Tribes who fought on the side of Colonies, many thanks and sorry we didn't keep many of our promises. And thank you to my timeline for allowing such a marvelous thing as El Rey and its glorious movie marathons. Gojira!

My hope every year is that more people come to understand that our shared history is MUCH more complex and rich and terrible and awesome than the watered-down bullshit peddled to them is. Don't let talking heads of any kind hold the final word on your thoughts, the extent of your knowledge, and your view of the world. You're worth more than that.

Be seeing you,


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