Monday, February 29, 2016

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to really screw it up.

(Image taken by me.)

The Revolution won't be starting in Saratoga.

I don't know when this blow to the fascist 'Private No Parking' sign was hoisted up the flag pole of freedom, but I salute the plucky spirit of our local rebel. Next time, though, please remember to research the source material. There's this thing called Google. And don't tag other people's stuff. Not cool. Just saying.

Snapping this pic did, however, make me remember two nods of my own to Alan Moore, including the Catholic revolutionary inspired character whom the comic world refers simply as V.

V for Ven-Stupid. Alan Moore in one line changed my younger self's view of anarchy by pointing out the difference between anarchy and chaos. It cannot be understated how much they are NOT the same. I cringe when I see the V mask worn by people who don't understand that, nor want to.

Watchmen and Reagan. Part Watchmen movie review and part history lesson staring Ronald Reagan in his final role.

There's so much political crap falling from the sky nowadays (from both sides) how could I NOT think about V for Vendetta or Watchmen, you know? If you've read the graphic novels you know what I mean.

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