Sunday, December 11, 2016

Potatoes Are What We Eat. Potatoes Are What We Ride.

While I work on a another blog (Which may or may not be published because I can't figure out if it is a valid and important social observation or just ME being royally annoyed by headline grabbing jackwagons who largely feign outrage over some "controversial" topic/article thrown onto the web either by headline lusting click-junkies who are "controversial" solely for the attention, or by wise and righteous do-gooders who know what's best for stupid ol' you and stupid ol' me. Yeah. I'm fired up.) I want to say how completely and totally stoked I am that Deathstalker and The Warriors From Hell is available on MST3K's 35th  DVD set! Finally I can toss my old VHS copy.

This is one of my all time MST3K favorites and it makes me laugh every time I watch it. It is a complete comedic meal. Proof? Well, let's start with ROGER CORMAN. Yup. The man behind so many of the best low-budget, low thought, and low talent films ever made was a producer.

Second, THIS is your villain. The fabulously dressed Troxartes (played to the hilt by amiable Thom Christopher) whose lack of pants is more than made up his Shatner-esque deliveries.

Third, Mike and the bots pull off some of the best Host Segments ever. If you have ever worked in fast food then the Food Order bit will strike home. Crow enjoys his new, active lifestyle thanks to a techno-weave hair piece and calf implants. And as an added bonus we get a salacious reading of a sex scene pulled wet and throbbing from a stereotypical romance novel as requested by a very not-dying Pearl.

Then there is this guy's helmet.

Eating potatoes.

And enjoying this guy's Area.

Back in the day I would have added that a trip to a decent video store would score you the original uncut film to watch and compare, but alas Internet Killed the Video Store. There is SO MUCH more I can list but then I would be robbing you of discovering the thrilling masterpiece that is Deathstalker and The Warriors From Hell a la MST3K. 



* My thanks to all the people who uploaded the screen grabs. 

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