Monday, May 2, 2016

I'd buy that for a dollar!

This was a pleasant surprise after a very unpleasant day.

What's this, you ask? Why an eBay listing for three of the first comics Mark and I produced in the late 2000's! Where and how eBay seller found these I have no idea.

Did they come from one collection? I'm assuming so. We had a very small run of these produced. We did end up with a few more thanks to the local Kinko's who printed them. The thick card stock we selected for these ashcan sized books was difficult to work with and the manager gave us more copies due to the number of misprints and binding issues.

Did they come from our very first show in Philly?

Impossible. This Wizard World show featured but one book and a few of Mark's posters. I love how barren and colorless our first table looked.

Hey everyone! It's Mark! WORK FASTER, DAMN YOU!
I'm guessing it was from someone who stopped but the table at The New York Comic Con.

That's better.
I'm assuming this because the eBay vendor is out of New Jersey.

What has me full of wonder is how the prices came about? Why are they priced differently?! Ha! I mean, The Haunting House is our favorite on several levels, but that should make no difference to the vendor even if they somehow knew that. Sure, we get killed in it, but I don't see that making for a higher price. What? You never wrote a story where you and your BFF get offed by ghosts in a allegorical examination of the logical paradoxes of a haunted structure?

Anyway, thank you for indulging me in this brief skip down memory lane. Have a great night, everyone.

Be seeing you,


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