Saturday, May 28, 2016

Settle down, fellow nerds. (Updated August 2017)

 This is what I have to about say a certain piece of recent comics buzz.

turns into

Ants. Why did it have to be Ants.

in no time flat before being replaced by yet another new twist to the character's canon.

Comics are a business. Businesses thrive on buzz because buzz = free adverting and attention.  Villains turn into heroes. Heroes turn into villains. New angles are measured and new paths are worn clear. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the goal is trying something new. Sometimes the goal is sales and attention with logic and quality thrown overboard to hungry sharks. Classic characters generally gravitate back toward the classic, my fiends. 

Relax. Be patient. 

Cap is a hot property right now so he's going to get attention and he's going to be a tool of getting YOUR attention. Remember how dead Superman stayed?

Let the story play out. If it sells you can expect more. If not, then so long and don't let the door hit you on the way out. Maybe the story will all make sense and be worth your time. Maybe Nick Spencer knows what he is doing.

Personally, all I care about is quality and originally. Those two words are the key to my wallet. I'm holding judgement until I know more. If it is a good story I will buy it. If it is BUZZ for the sake of BUZZ then you won't pull a dime from my cold, dead fingers.

Just saying.

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!UPDATE! Yes, I am fully aware of the social and historical reasons for Captain America's creation and how this "change" is a huge affront to it. I've seen posts that go into depth about on this point and yes the historical aspect leaves a poor taste in my mouth. I'm just not convinced this is a real change. This smacks to me of BUZZ for the sake of BUZZ. And those changes never last, folks. Especially when the negative reactions pile up thick and deep. This may remembered in the future largely thanks to some "Top Ten Worst Changes to a Comic Character" list.

Here's an article I found today which delves into the heart of the matter. 

 MARVEL On CAPTAIN AMERICA/HYDRA Hubbub: 'Not Every Story Is For Every Reader'

8/30/17 UPDATE! - See? What did I tell you? Order is restored. God-like character fixed what God-like character broke. 'Nuff said, true believer! Excelsior!

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